Ish Happens – Player Movement NYC to the Bay

Last night the Warriors announced that they were releasing Ishmael Smith, and I couldn’t stop thinking about all the Knicks connections.  Sounds pretty weird for a guy who wasn’t rosterable on a 3-7 team, but trust me the Knicks of the past, present, and future are strongly connected. Read more of this post


Not Gonna Happen

Last week’s “news” that the Knicks were “willing” to trade Amar’e for Dwight Howard was preposterous when it broke.  A useless news item for a slow news day.  After last night, there cannot be a scintilla of truth to the rumor.  It’s deader than dead.  Consider it “Mike Bibby dead”  before Mike Bibby rose again in fulfillment of the scriptures.

WTF Amar'e?

As the BakeShow stated earlier, last night was an epic Amar’e fail.  1-7 from the floor.  6 points. 3 rebounds.  2 Turnovers.  4 fouls.  Compare that with Howard’s performance which was historically great.   Maybe Amar’e has taken the rumors to heart and is sabotaging any potential for a trade.  Or maybe Amar’e spent too much time reading about the Myths of Greece and Rome at Bridge Street Books during the lock-out and not enough time shooting jumpshots.

Whatever it is, Amar’e hasn’t looked like himself lately.  And Dwight Howard continues to be Dwight Howard. An absolute beast.

As far as I’m concerned, Amar’e has bought himself some time.  Where would the Knicks be if Amar’e doesn’t sign in the summer of 2010?  But Knicks fans are not known for being very patient.  And Knicks fans know the team took a risk in signing Amar’e.    His contract is uninsured.  He has had microfracture surgery on his knee.  And let’s not forget about the eye issues that require him to wear hipster-goggles.  But what was NOT expected is  utter futility on the offensive end from a guy that takes up one quarter of the team’s payroll.  At some point, Knicks fans are going to turn on Amar’e unless he turns up his production.

And when that happens, maybe the Amare-Howard trade rumor can go back to being just a preposterous story.

I’m on a Jorts Tour, with Amar’e My Man….

Supplies won't last

The talent and impact of Knicks’ rookie forward Josh “Jorts” Harrellson might have been a touch overstated by certain writers of this blog (fine, it was me). While that may have been an overreaction to his breakout game against the Kings on New Year’s Eve, there is one area where he is sure to make a lasting impression on fans for years to come: high comedy and stellar branding efforts.

Jorts has a shockingly well developed website for a mid-second round draft choice who didn’t get much playing time until his senior year at Kentucky and had a fairly slim chance of making an NBA roster, let alone an NBA rotation. It includes such gems as the “Jorts Tour” that barnstormed its way through several Wendy’s and Wal-Marts in Kentucky this spring (that is not a joke). There is a promotional video in which Josh exhibits his overwhelming disdain for punctuation of any sort. But wait, there’s more!! Read more of this post

Power Rankings and Sweet Lou

Lou Williams is a Boss

The first Hollinger power rankings were released today on ESPN and the Knicks are a dissapointing 24th largely due to a 5-4 record against the easiest schedule in the league so far.  Unsurprisingly, the Heat and Bulls are two of the best teams in the league ranking 2nd and 3rd respectively.  Somewhat surpisingly, the Philadelphia 76ers are the number one team in the league.

In anticipation for tonight’s Knicks game, I watched some of the Philly-Sacramento game and I am pretty scared.  This is a real deep team that brings Thaddeus Young (third in 6th man voting last year) along with a backcourt of Evan Turner and, my favorite Sixer, Lou Williams off the bench.  D’Antoni would kill to have those guys as the starting backcourt.  So, in the soon to be overused word of the season, that Philly bench is cray, and it’s not surpising to see them in first.

In addition to getting me significantly worried about tonight’s game, last night’s Sixers game also gave the opportunity to increase my irrational admiration for Sweet Lou Williams.  For years, I’ve been dreaming of Williams on the Knicks Read more of this post

Odds and Ends

After this enthusiastic greeting from Knicks fans, I’m really excited to see how jazzed up the crowd gets for Shump Shump’s introduction in the pre-game dog and pony show. However, seemingly lost in Shumpamania is Toney Douglas. Am I the only person who feels really bad for Toney? He seems like a good teammate and a hard worker who was thrust into a position and situation he was ill-equipped to handle. I hope he doesn’t lose too much confidence and is able to find a niche as a solid bench scorer because the Knicks are going to need him to contribute as the season progresses.

In other news, ESPN New York is reporting that Melo is good to go for tonight’s game with the Bobcats and claims to be “pain free.”

Stay Classy, Knicks

Enjoy the view, advanced scouts. At least you can still see Baron Davis gaining weight from here

When I read stories like this one from SLAM, about the Knicks’ placement of opposing advanced scouts and media members in the 300 level of newly renovated Garden, I shake my head in disbelief. Listen, for the media members, I don’t really care. How you treat media members is not likely to affect how other teams react. Frankly, I don’t blame the Knicks for refusing to give away prime seats (I shudder to think what they cost) to the press corps for free. That said, not giving them to advanced scouts is shortsighted because it will (and has) invite retaliation from other organizations for the Knicks’ counterparts.

What troubles me most about this sort of thing is that it displays an inability from the Knicks’ front office to understand basic laws of cause and effect. How did this issue not occur to them before there was a blowup? How was it not fixed after the first complaint? If you follow this franchise closely enough, you can’t help but get the feeling that it is rotten to its core. Although this story is only tangentially related to basketball operations, it certainly gives us some insight into the processes that have led to putrid on-court products for the better part of the last decade.

STAT loves to read…

Found this wonderful video of STAT in DC last week walking into a bookstore. Man loves to learn, made the mental note to return the next day. It is a cute little spot — I work right near it, too bad I missed him.

Good work from the KnicksNow team.

And man do I love Amar’e’s (that was weird to write) quirks. The man could teach us a few things – thanks to him Mike and I will always know what a tetragrammaton is..